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The current programs of the Siyad Barre Foundation (SBF) are currently covering four regions including



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SBF is governed by its constitution that conforms to the national and international legal requirements of non-governmental organizations as well as fully respects the code of conduct of international humanitarian agencies and human rights conventions signed by the Ministry of Interior Affairs federal government of Somalia.

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The Board of Directors comprises Three (3) members with a minim of one female elected by the general assembly for three (3) years terms of office but eligible for unlimited re-election. board of directors is responsible to provide the overall leadership of the Organization as per the powers and duties vested by the constitution of SBF.

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SBF is dedicated to providing essential humanitarian and development services that promote resilience and advocate for human development in a non-political and non-sectarian manner.

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This will focus on contributing to the right to life and security, to assist drought and conflict-affected IDPs and host communities spread over the country. Interventions will focus on the provision of safe water, sanitation facilities,



Income generation and farming empowerment are central to food and economic security in Somalia. Women on their part have contended with the widespread poverty compounded by their lack of essential skills, 

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