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Siyad Bare Foundation (SBF) is a national non-profit making and nongovernmental organization founded on January 1, 2016, by a group of professional backgrounds having different sectors of skills like Education, Protection WASH, Nutrition and Health and subsequently registered under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of
the federal government of Somalia. Additionally, Siyad Bare Foundation (SBF) particularly targets the most vulnerable people in society mainly Women, Children, and Elders, it focuses on issues of WASH, Health, Livelihood, Education, Skill Development,
as well as other human rights issues such as Protection, HIV/AIDs, Gender with special focus on women and youth empowerment through civic education, skill development, intensive employment and income generation activities (IGA).

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SBF is dedicated to providing essential humanitarian and development services that promote resilience and advocate for human development in a non-political and non-sectarian manner. SBF applies a multi-sectoral approach to its humanitarian and development work, SBF believes that saving lives and incorporating integrated programming is the key to providing long-term and sustainable development in Somalia.

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we've funded 12,503 charity projects for 25M people around the world

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To improve protection & the rights of vulnerable people including IDPs and refugees.

Promote and educate women to participate in the Development as they are the root parts of the community.

Mobilize women to improve the sanitation of the social environment through
Community training.

To increase access to public health care service among vulnerable poor households
in both urban and rural areas in Somalia

To promote sustainable and low-cost WASH interventions at both rural and urban Settlements.

To increase access to education at all levels including skill and vocational training

To promote sustainable community-based natural resource management and
integrated livelihood

To mobilize the danger of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the Community.

To create contact between the
communities in Somalia and their counterpart associations and international in the world through SBF.



Provision of Safe Drinking
Water to Crisis-Affected
Children/Youth in Schools
Sports as an Effective Tool
for the Development and
Engagement of the Youth.
Bad-bad bulshada abaaraysan
(Save the community affected by
Provision of feeding program to the
People affected by drought and Conflict
at the IDPs and Rural settlements, to
target Children and women
Women &Girls Empowerment –
IDPs – Marginalized Groups –
Vulnerable Groups – Youth and
Women Association.
Community-Based Organizations
– PCVE office in FMS and OPM – Youth
and Women.
IDPs -disability and marginalized
groups – Malnourished children
Peacebuilding and Democratization
Projects such as assisting in the
Formal of District Councils
WhatsApp Image 2023-10-10 at 07.07.33_36278ac1
Peace Awareness campaign in rural
communities Prevention and
Countering Violent Extremism

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we've funded 12,503 charity projects for 25M people around the world

Able, self-sufficient, and independent community To reduce poverty
Fostering humanitarian Aid operations and fight against vector bone diseases

SBF is a strong humanitarian and development organization with adequate
resources to respond to humanitarian crises and developmental needs for the Somali people.

To provide a broad range of quality humanitarian and development services including the provision of holistic and sustainable humanitarian interventions that link emergency relief and long-term development from the grassroots level.